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This is INCISIVE HL7 FHIR Implementation Guide. INCISIVE project’s objective is to develop, deploy and validate an AI-based toolbox and an interoperable clinical data and medical images repository to improve the accuracy, specificity, sensitivity, interpretability, and cost-effectiveness of existing cancer imaging methods. The project applies four cancers (Breast, Lung, Prostate and Colorectal Cancer) to enable large-scale adaptation of diagnosis, prediction, treatment and monitoring.



This publication contains the full set of specifications… There is also an overview of the projects and motivation for the specifications. The top menu allows quick navigation to the different sections, and a Table of Contents is provided with the entire content of this Implementation Guide. (Be aware that some pages have multiple tabs). FHIR Artifacts in the top menu allows you to view all FHIR resources used by the INCISIVE project, and Guidance is an guide provided to developers. In Downloads, you can download the entire project.

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